Friday, April 14, 2006
Hollywood and Movies
I've begun to put the link to articles in the title of the blog post so if I refer to something and you don't see the link, it is the title to the blog post.

Couple things today:

1.) I love wireless internet at home.
2.) I hate it when places charge you for wireless internet (like the mall). It's so cheap that it should just be a perk.
3.) The article about Hollywood is interesting. The fact that there is a broad swath of society that is culturally very different than that found in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and therefore has very different taste in movies is an epiphany to these people for some reason. The fact is that so many movies these days are pretty much garbage and offend a broad portion of the possible audience...which is fine as long as you also make movies geared to the excluded portion of the audience which it appears Hollywood is finally realizing is profitable.


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