Wednesday, September 21, 2005
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On the more controversial side...

Here is an interesting article by the president of Iraq. Here is an article on the link between the disintegration of the family and poverty.

Less then a month till we head home. I can hardly believe that. Things have gotten really busy for us. Pastor Guy Basso just arrived from Oregon. Guy has led two groups down to Pucallpa and his church is involved with the Sponsor a Community program with FH. It is great to see them. We had such a great time with the Band of Brothers (team that came down last summer). Guy and his wife Vonne will be teaching a seminar this week for pastors and then going up to Lake Imiria to teach there as well.

Tricia is doing well. It is kind of stressful finishing up here and moving back home to start over when she is 7 months pregnant, but we are doing well. The financial system is pretty much done. Tricia has done a great job training the staff here on it and it is being used. The last thing we will need to do will be to train the staff in Lima.

And to the question I am sure you are all asking, "Will Mark continue the blog when he gets back home?". Not sure... I might continue posting poverty and economics related articles I run across along with the occasional baby picture. (And no, we don't know the name yet...suggestions are appreciated. After all, my loyal readers did name the iguana, why not name my firstborn?)

On a completely unrelated matter, I use Gmail and just found a feature where it allows you to send from multiple email addresses so I am moving all my email accounts to Gmail. So you may get emails from me from (the consulting firm I am a partner in is No need to update your address book. Emailing to my gmail account, fhi account, masons@perucrew account or even my old panicnow account will all reach me equally well. Gmail pretty much rules.


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