Friday, August 12, 2005
We have a few people here visiting from FH USA. A couple guys from the record industry are here checking out what FH is doing. They are going to be part of FH's marketing effort and are looking at producing a CD with the proceeds going to FH. Along with them is a camera man who came and made a video of my class as well as video of a soccer game with a bunch of folks from the refuge. I love playing soccer back there. Some play with crutches, some on their hands and knees. It is pretty cool.

The team from Wisconsin left a few days ago. They were a great team and we had a fun time with the kids from the community of La Merced who came to a camp in Pucallpa for a week. It was great. The kids were in the swimming pool for hours on end and just loved it. It is fun to be a part of that. The name of the church is Blackhawk and it is in Madison Wisconsin. They are great folks and their church is really making a difference in the community of La Merced. They are part of a program called "Adopt a Community". The church sponsors a good percentage of the kids in La Merced and every year has been sending down a team to put on a camp for the kids where they have a great time and learn about how God wants them to grow up to their potential. Cool stuff.


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