Friday, August 12, 2005
I was riding through town in a moto-taxi today and we almost ran over a big pig sitting in the main street. I had to give the dude credit. He wasn't moving for anybody. He had decided where he felt called to be and the middle of the street was it. Apparently his owner didn't have a problem with it as nobody was trying to get it out of the street. Come to think of it, nobody really was doing much of anything about it. It seemed normal to everyone.

I have often wondered what would not seem normal here in Pucallpa. What would be the thing that would make people really sit up and go "Whoa! What is that guy doing?!?!". Because I have not seen it yet. There's a naked guy that is always walking around town and nobody cares. So that is out. There's moto-taxis filled up with hundreds of chickens driving around. There's men dressed up as women in clown suits walking around selling candy. Pretty much everything goes here...

...including smoke. Apparently all the carboneros (people who burn wood to sell as charcoal) decided to set up camp right outside of town to do their burning because transportation costs have gone up and they are tired of paying to have the wood brought from the lumbermills (which are in town). So the last couple days I have been smoking for free. Good times.


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