Friday, May 13, 2005
New Cevicheria
There is a super-yummy new Ceviche place in town. I am going to go there today for lunch. It is so good. They bring the fish over from Lima which is better for Ceviche then the river fish that you get here. Ceviche is fish that is cured in lemon but not cooked. It is probably my favorite Peruvian dish.

Also, sorry about neglecting the blog lately. I just haven't had that much to write about. After you have been here for awhile your life gets normal and you don't seem to notice as many new and interesting things. Life just becomes normal. One interesting thing is that down here Mother's day is the second largest holiday in terms of sales. It is quite a celebration. I was exhorted several times to make sure and call my Mom. We had a staff party for Mother's day at a place with a pool which was a lot of fun. I put on 45 sunblock and didn't get burned too bad. But when I took off my shirt everyone in the pool started screaming "Where's Captain Ahab?? Help! Save us from the great white whale!"


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