Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Back to normal
Well the team left a couple days ago and we are back to life as normal. I am giving a windows test today. We will see how well my students have learned. Most of them are pretty sharp and pick things up pretty easily, but there are 2 or 3 in every class that just seem unable to learn. I have a hard time keeping my patience sometimes.

Summer has arrived and it hasn't really rained more then 30 minutes in the last 10 days and it is really hot. Last year was cool compared to this year. Even at 10 at night our house is toasty. We just had a ceiling fan installed which is nice. It keeps the air circulating.

We went to our first quinceñera last Saturday for the daughter of Victor and Anita Mendoza, the directors of the Refuge. It was quite the party. For those of you not familiar, a quinceñara is a party that is thrown for a girl when she turns 15. It is the age when the parents present the girl to the society and she becomes a señorita rather then a niña (child). There must have been 250 people there. It was the first time in my life that I have eaten a hunk of pork at 12:30 at night. It was good. You should try it sometime. Midnight pork-fest. I love Peruvian food.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
I have been working in construction the past couple days with the team from Colorado. I have some sort of genetic disability that prevents me from hammering. The nails just get bent all over the place.

It is pretty hot at the worksite. We are building a new church for the community of La Florida outside of town a few kilometers. The church members are very helpful and are there every day helping which is nice. The team seems to be doing well also.

Friday, May 13, 2005
New Cevicheria
There is a super-yummy new Ceviche place in town. I am going to go there today for lunch. It is so good. They bring the fish over from Lima which is better for Ceviche then the river fish that you get here. Ceviche is fish that is cured in lemon but not cooked. It is probably my favorite Peruvian dish.

Also, sorry about neglecting the blog lately. I just haven't had that much to write about. After you have been here for awhile your life gets normal and you don't seem to notice as many new and interesting things. Life just becomes normal. One interesting thing is that down here Mother's day is the second largest holiday in terms of sales. It is quite a celebration. I was exhorted several times to make sure and call my Mom. We had a staff party for Mother's day at a place with a pool which was a lot of fun. I put on 45 sunblock and didn't get burned too bad. But when I took off my shirt everyone in the pool started screaming "Where's Captain Ahab?? Help! Save us from the great white whale!"

Team From Colorado
A team will be arriving from Colorado next week to help out in the community of La Florida. It will be fun to spend some time with them. We have really enjoyed getting to know Marty VanDriel, the teams coordinator here in Pucallpa. There is a funny story about him. We usually work out together twice a week and the last time Marty went in alone he was asked where his "son" was by the lady at the gym. Keep in mind Marty is 27. Marty assumed he had heard wrong and asked the girl to repeat the question. She replied, "Your son. Where is your son that you usually work out with?" Marty promptly shaved off his goatee in an effort to look younger.

Monday, May 02, 2005
Weekend Retreat
We had a great time this weekend in Barranca, a town about 3 hours north of Lima. It was a weekend retreat with the rest of the international staff here in Peru. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the staff better.

We spent an afternoon at the beach there which was a lot of fun. The waves were huge and I got to spend some time bodysurfing which was a lot of fun. The food was excellent as well so I really cannot complain at all about the weekend. It was great.

I am still in Lima today, but we are heading back tomorrow.

Website Problems
The website was down over the weekend due to some server configuration changes. It is now back up and running correctly.


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