Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Well I had another one of those cultural moments that I am beginning to get used to. I was in church last week and at the end of the service the pastor invited the congregation to join him in prayer. Midway through the prayer he kind of stopped praying and asked anybody that wanted to make a first-time conversion to Christianity to stand. Well I wasn't really paying attention because after about 80 minutes into a Spanish sermon my brain pretty much shuts down. But the phrase "stand up" is one of those key phrases that is wired into my brain...kind of like how dogs hear humans speak (blah blah blah blah fluffy! blah blah blah blah fluffy! blah blah blah). Well I heard (blah blah blah blah STAND UP blah blah blah) and started to stand up. Thankfully Tricia shoved me back down in the chair before I stood up because it would have been a little awkward being a Christian missionary making a first time commitment to Christ. So, for about the 5 millionth time I am thankful that Tricia was there to keep me from doing something foolish.


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