Saturday, February 19, 2005
I saw the funniest menu in the history of menus. Here are some sample dishes with the real translation in parenthesis:

For an entrance(appetizer) they had: Pope to the Huancayina(Papa is Spanish for potato, but also Spanish for pope so Potatoes Huancayina style got translated to Pope to the Huancayina )

Main Dishes:
  • You pound to the iron (grilled game hens) with mature (bananas)

  • Sweated fine loin of head (a smoked beef dish)

  • Sweated fish soup (smoked fish soup)

  • Jumped Chicken (chicken stir fry)

  • Ahhh...good times. That is what you get when you just use an internet translator to translate a menu.

    On another note, I have decide to start using "pounds" as an adjective whenever I really like something. For example, "Man, this game is poundin!!" or "This place pounds!!" We will see if it catches on. Unlikely.


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