Sunday, November 28, 2004
We went on the most amazing boat ride yesterday. It was the first time that I REALLY felt like I was in the deep jungle. There are several little lakes, or cochas as they are called here, around Pucallpa. Most of the cochas are actually places where the river used to run but has now moved away leaving a long lake. The Lucas's, another missionary family here that we are friends with, took us out on their boat on Cashibo Cocha. The lake was very nice, but what was amazing was the CaƱo, which is a very small path through a jungle swamp that connects to Yarina Cocha (another larger lake). Depending on the time of year, you can boat through this path all the way to the other lake. I cannot do it justice by describing it. It reminded me of what you picture in your head as a jungle, but with water as opposed to ground. There were all kinds of different trees, reeds, birds, spiders, and much much more. The next time we go we will take pictures. It was probably the most beautiful place I have been around Pucallpa.


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