Monday, November 22, 2004
Sorry about the big delay between postings. I was able to come back home for a few days for the wedding of my good friend Garrett Gunderson. As I only had a few days in Seattle I wasn't able to meet as many friends as I would have liked to, but that is the way of it I guess. I did have a great time, especially at the wedding which was a lot of fun. My sister Carrie gave us frequent flyer miles to make it possible for me to come home which was very nice.

My brother Jeff also came through big with computer parts for the computer lab at the Refuge. I brought back enough hard drives, memory, mice, and CDROMS to upgrade almost all the computers to Windows XP so that everybody is using the same operating system which is very cool. Jeff also donated a computer projector to Food for the Hungry which was very much needed in Lima. Now all we need is one for Pucallpa! Anybody got an old one you don't need? :) I was also able to get an FH laptop repaired for free in the US which is an answer to prayer. The laptop was not under warranty any more, but the weekend before I brought it to the repair place, the particular part I needed replaced was put on extended warranty because they had been having a lot of problems with it. It was a Toshiba, so next time I am in the market for laptops I am going to check out Toshiba.

I also brought home my laptop and it is now repaired and my folks are going to bring it back here in a month when they come for Christmas.

Now I am back home in the jungle which is nice because I am with Tricia again. Tricia was not able to come this time as there were only miles for one of us. Tricia's friend Sheralee came and visited her while I was in the US which worked out really well.

I was surprised at how easy the transition back to Pucallpa was. I was expecting it to be difficult, but it wasn't. I didn't really experience any culture shock going back to the US either. Everything there seemed normal, and coming back, everything here seemed normal too...just different. I did miss Peruvian food when I was in the states, especially pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken with french fries). mmmmmm... Well that is all for now. Will blog again shortly.


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