Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving is a little anti-climatic when you have to get up early and get to work, far from family and very far from the smell of a turkey baking. I was trying to decide what I will miss the most about Thanksgiving dinner (besides the people, of course!)...and I think that the fresh, warm rolls win. Although a turkey would be something to celebrate as well. We will probably be celebrating after work tonight at Renzo Cafe downtown Pucallpa, where we can get real turkey sandwiches.

It has been back to work this week after 11 wonderful days of R&R and travel with Sheralee who was here to visit while Mark was in the States. We traveled to the southern coastal area of Peru, where we saw lots and lots of sand, some fun islands and more birds than you can imagine, and some really amazing things in the town of Nazca. We flew in a little cessna over the famous Nazca lines, etched into a plateau a thousand years ago in bizarre geometric and animal shapes. Besides the terrible motion sickness in that crazy plane, it was a really cool thing to see. And so much better when shared with a good friend! I am so thankful for Sheralee´s visit. It was fun to share Pucallpa and our life here with a good friend. I feel like my batteries have been recharged. I don´t think I realized just how much Mark and I had missed being with people that know us well, who don´t stare at us funny, and who understand us without unusual amounts of efforts. Where would we be without friends? Thanks for coming, Sher! I will get some pictures of our trip on the website soon.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey!... and time with your friends and family even more!


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