Wednesday, October 13, 2004
We have a new guest that is living behind our house. It is a BIG iguana. I have seen it once so far and it is longer then 3 feet but probably a bit shy of 4 feet. That is one big lizard. He makes a lot of noise at night which wakes up Tricia. Thankfully a 747 could land in our front yard and I wouldn't wake up. I am hoping to see it again. The goal is to domesticate it and train it to guard the house. OK, maybe not.

It has been pretty hot lately. I like sun, but some days when you are walking in the sun it is downright oppressive. The sun down here is so much stronger then back home.

On another note, my basketball game is slowly improving. I play every Tuesday and Friday night with about 15 Peruvian guys and one other gringo. It is a lot of fun and good exercise. If only I could shoot.


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