Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Name the Iguana

Even though I have only seen the Iguana that lives by our house once, I like to think of him/her as family. So I want to give him/her a name. I would appreciate suggestions in the comments. It can be a boy name or girl name as who really knows with iguanas. A Spanish name is helpful, but by no means required. My first submission is Lana. It would be named after our friend Lana who works for FH in Uzbekistan and told me I need to name it. It has the side benefit of rhyming. "Lana the Iguana"

We did hear the iguana last night. Or at least what we believe to be the iguana. I really need a name folks. Please submit one. I am tired of writing "the iguana". A name would be much more personal.

Names to date(UPDATED):

Paco - Submitted by Lana the Uzbek
Lana (usually to be said "Lana the Iguana" in conversation) - Mark
Paula - Rhemember it rhymes
Raul A. Iguana - Which I like because as Sher says it reminds me of Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith - I am just going to add that to the list myself
Ichiro - the Japanese baseball playing iguana
Edgar Martinez - He is retiring as Joe rightly points out. What better way to honor the best DH of all time? I can see the t-shirt now 3,000 hits and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and an iguana named after me.
Millard Fillmore
Martha Stewart

I have to say at this point it is still a toss-up. I think Lana is a strong entry as well as Michael W. Smith. But for now I think Ichiro is in the lead for me because I have this mental image of the iguana with the little Ichiro goatee stretching with a bat out back behind the house and it makes me laugh every time I think of it. I am going to keep the contest open for a few days more so you still have time! Also, you can submit more then once.


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