Sunday, October 10, 2004
Kristin, another American FH employee from Lima came to visit us this weekend which was fun. We went out on Yarina cocha (a lake) as well as swimming in a small lake called Pimiento cocha. The water was very warm and it was a lot of fun to get out of town. We really haven't done much traveling around Pucallpa and need to do more. I just got done marching in another parade. We will see if my picture ends up in the newspaper like it did last time I marched in a parade. I really don't understand the whole parade marching phenomenon, but it is fun so I will just go with it.

Sorry about the lack of pictures lately. The laptop being dead has made this a bit more of a hassle as the software to edit the pictures was on the laptop. We will try and post new pictures soon. We have a good one of a big boa wrapped around Tricia and I. We stopped up the lake at a little place that had animals and we took pictures with the snake. They are really strong. Don't worry, it was domesticated.

Other then that not a whole lot new. I am now teaching Microsoft PowerPoint. We finished teaching Excel. I graded the exams so we will see if the students still like me. I am looking for more subjects to blog on, so post questions in the comments if you have any and I will post answers.


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