Thursday, September 09, 2004
Well, I am sitting here at home writing this with The Fugitive with Harrison Ford on in Spanish in the background. Tonight as we were walking back to the house in the dark I was reminded how varied the animal life is in the jungle. It is pretty crazy the animals and bugs we have down here. There's the usual suspects of frogs, toads, snakes, tarantulas, fireflies, mosquitoes, chiggers, flying bugs the size of compact cars, etc... But there are also bugs that make the strangest noises. One is a bug that is highly optimized for noise. When it gets going it is incredibly loud whirring sound almost like a fire alarm. It is an incredible animal. If somebody knows more about it send me some info and I will post it. The second interesting noise another animal (might be an insect, might be something larger) makes is a bubbling sound. It is very distinct. I like going to sleep with the noise of the jungle. Well that is it for know. One of these days I will make a recording and post it on the website.


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