Friday, September 10, 2004
We took a day off today as we have worked several weekends with teams and went out to Divina MontaƱa, a resort outside of Pucallpa. They have several swimming pools, restaurants, sports fields, etc... It was a lot of fun. It was the first time I have swam in pool for a long time. Very refreshing. We also met a very cool family from Brooklyn which were really fun to talk with. The father lives here in Pucallpa and most of the kids live in Brooklyn. It kind of made me miss home a little bit. There were also cool monkeys there that liked to hold your hand along with a 12 foot anaconda or boa. Being as I know nothing about the animal life down here that brings up another interesting point. We are so ignorant down here. I'm ignorant enough in the US, but down here we are just so clueless about everything. We don't even know what bugs are making the crazy sounds outside of our house. We don't know much of the vocabulary, we don't know the going rate for much of anything, we don't know what is rude and what is polite, we don't know how long to stay when somebody invites us over, etc, etc, etc... But you know what, the people down here are so gracious and patient. That is one of many things I really like about Peruvians. They are so patient. I can't remember a single time when somebody has lost their temper with us. I know we must be frustrating to people. We are so clueless. Well, I am off. That is just one of many reasons why I really like Peruvians.


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