Thursday, July 29, 2004
We are in Lima and enjoying it.  It is fun because we really know our way around and have been able to get around without problems.  Let me tell you.  McDonald's has never tasted so good.  We are going back today.  The great thing about McDonald's here is that it is exactly like McDs in the states.  All the way down to the ketchup.  We have been taking it easy and not doing a whole ton.  Tuesday I got all the computers that are staying in Lima ready to go there.  They plan on using a few of them in schools in the communities they work in because the schools have absolutely no budget for something like a computer.  Yesterday was independence day here in Peru.  It was pretty quiet here in Lima.  A lot of people travel to the provinces from Lima during the holiday.  Well that is all for now.  When we get back we have another team coming so we will hit the ground running.  I don't have class next week either so I will be with the team along with Tricia most of the week.


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