Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Thursday, June 24th is the festival of San Juan which is a national holiday in Peru, but celebrated with more fervor here in Pucallpa. I don't know all the details, but the festival is loosely based on celebrating John the Baptist. Traditionally, people make Juana(a dish made out of potato I think) that they try to make look like the head of John the baptist. Usually families go swimming for the day as well.

The Sunday before the festival they always have a moto-taxi race which goes from 30km outside of town into Pucallpa. One of my students entered and was knocked out of the race because he hit a dog and flipped his moto-taxi. Out of the 50 people that entered the race only 10 actually finished it. It sounds like complete madness to me. My student said normally nobody gets killed, but there are ambulances all along the race to pick up the injured people. Many crash into eachother. A picture of a bunch of moto-taxis is at

I can't get the image of 50 of these things tearing down the road running into eachother.


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