Friday, June 18, 2004
Here is an email I got from Pete (from FHUSA) who was robbed in Lima. The thank you towards the end is especially nice. The staff here in Peru is great.


Here is an overview to clarify the details for you and the staff:

We were stopped at a red-light nearing the airport. Sharon Berg (who
was in Pucallpa with us) was sitting on the left side of the car in the back I was on the right. Suddenly her window shattered and a guy came into the window over top of her and grabbed my computer case (which had all my notes, pictures, etc.) and went back out the window. Now...from here everything is a blur, but instinctively I knew that computer held a lot of information so I must have instinctively dove threw the window...not all the way out, but up to the waist and caught the computer bag. I guess we scuffled a bit (Sharon says I was pounding on him...though I don't think I did - that wouldn't be Christian!) All I know is that I was determined to get the computer back and with God's help he (the robber) gave up and I got it back. (I then grabbed him by the collar and told him that Jesus loved him and that he better stop stealing...and then gave him a quick training on the VOC....just kidding!) Once back inside I realized I was bleeding pretty good. I guess I got a gash in my hand during the scuffle. Thankfully I had a heavy shirt on so the damage was minimal. After it happened several friendly Peruvians pulled up and asked if we were all right and then apologized for the attack. The taxi driver seemed upset...shaking his head as he took us to the airport. The airport officials didn't like all the blood I guess so they sent for an ambulance and told me to get in. Of course there was no English spoken in the ambulance, but soon American Airlines sent an interpreter who stayed with us the whole time and they told me the nurses thought I had gotten my hand broken or at least the tendon was cut. We went to one emergency room, but it looked a little rough (not too sanitary) and Rosaura told me to leave there and that she would take to the Anglo-American Hospital. Rosaura and Eduardo (her son) picked us up at 1 am for the hospital. The doctor cauterized the vein and put in about 8 stitches gave me pain killer and we headed back to the airport for the delayed flight which left at around 5 am for Houston. God was good and now I have a greater connection with Peru! In fact the warm response by bystanders and others to the incident increased my love for Peru.

A note of thanks...During my brief stay in Lima and Pucallpa, I truly
began to love the Peruvian people and especially the FHI staff. Rarely have I been in a field where I felt so warmly embraced - so quickly. God has blessed Peru with a staff that truly exhibits Jesus Christ and which lives out the Vision of Community. It was wonderful to watch how warmly the school, community and church leaders in each community embraced the FHI staff...clearly this reflects the kind of relationships FHI is building wherever you all work! This was evident as we went up river to the villages and as we visited the different schools and community events in Pucallpa. There was so much energy and joy wherever we went. It was also fun to be in the Pucallpa office and to meet all the staff and to hear what each person did. One of the things that stood out was how long many of the staff had been working with FHI. This longevity of staff tenure speaks of solid leadership and caring and relational management. Please extend my thanks to the leadership and staff of the Pucallpa truly made our time memorable!

Mark...I am jealous of the great community and fellowship it seems God has blessed you with. May He continue to bless your time in Peru...and greet and thank the staff as you see them.


Peter Howard
Special Assistant to the President
Food for the Hungry


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