Friday, June 25, 2004
For San Juan day yesterday we went to the community of La Merced which is about 2 hours out of town. It is so green there. I have never seen anything like it in the States. Everything just grows and grows. It was nice to see the community. We saw some of the kids that we went to camp with a few weeks ago and that was fun. We also dedicated the opening of a new well and latrines that FH put in with the cooperation of the Canadian government.

When we got back we ate Juane which is the traditional food for San Juan. Everybody was out at the rivers or in swimming pools. We drove by one place where there must have been, no exaggeration, 5000 people in one 10 acre park with one small pond and one swimming pool with another several hundred waiting in line to get in. Pretty crazy. I got a picture of it and will put it up online.

I have gotten requests for more pictures and will try to get a bunch more up this weekend. Have a great weekend and please never hesitate to post a question in the comments.


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