Friday, June 25, 2004
Computer Update:
As many of you know, my brother got a bunch of computers donated to FH Peru for the offices and the Refuge of Hope. They arrived about 10 days ago, but are still stuck in customs. The staff in Lima have gone back several times but customs keeps asking for more and different paperwork. It is a good learning experience for me in how things work in a developing country. It is like trying to work with immigration in the United States. Nobody gives you the same story and everybody asks for something different. The next team leaves next Wednesday with the rest of the computers and I don't even know if they are going to be able to bring them yet because we can't get the price on how much customs is on each computer. I am not going to have them bring them if duty costs more then it would cost to buy one here in Peru obviously.

So I am learning what it is like to work with the government in a developing country. Add to all that I am trying to communicate to the Lima staff in Spanish which is still spotty at best.


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