Wednesday, May 05, 2004
We're here!! We finally made it to Pucallpa 3 days ago. We will need to get some pictures up soon. Right now we are staying in a house in the South American Mission (SAM) complex just outside of town. Today it is raining like crazy and we are indoors waiting it out a bit.

The big news is that I have decided that this will be the year of the shorts. I plan to wear shorts every day starting May 1 2003, to May 1 2004. Every day. Since I will never have an opportunity to do this in the US I thought now would be the time to do it. So, today is day 5 of YOTS (year of the shorts).

Of course I won't be wearing shorts to church, the only deal is I have to wear shorts sometime during the day.

We have spent the last 3 days trying to get to know Pucallpa and figure out where things are in addition to looking for a house. There is a lot more stuff to be found then we anticipated if you look for it. Tricia even found Mac & Cheese. A moto-taxi is anywhere from 1 - 2.5 soles (30 - 80 cents) and is what a friend of mine termed, a "moto-rickshaw" Here is a picture of bunch of them. The heat is really not that bad right now...but then again our taxi-drivers are wearing coats and saying it is cold. One day in the afternoon it was pretty toasty, but in the shade it is no problem.

Shopping here is kind of interesting as well. You can pretty much get whatever you need, but you have to go to 18 different places to get it. There are no grocery stores to speak least what you would be used to in the US. There are small shops that sell food, other shops that sell bread, other shops that sell meat, etc... There are several large markets in town as well which have hundreds of little shops in them as well. All in all it is much easier then we expected. All the housewares are pretty inexpensive and mostly from China.

Please post questions on life in Pucallpa in the comments. I would love to answer them.

hasta luego!


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