Sunday, May 16, 2004
We spent this week working with a team from Wisconsin at a youth camp that they put on for some FH sponsor kids. The teams church sponsors the majority of the sponsor kids in the community of La Merced, a couple hours out of Pucallpa. It was a great camp. The kids had a lot of fun and were very cute. Half of the team from Wisconsin got sick though so they were pretty beat by the end of the week. The kids were very well behaved and were split into two groups. 6-11 year olds came Wed-Fri and the 11-16 year olds came M-Wed. We went swimming in a swimming pool which none of the kids in my group had ever done before. One thing I noticed was how consistent the kids were in washing their hands. This is one of the things that FH pounds into them in health education. One meal I forgot to send them to wash their hands and they politely reminded me. It was very funny. One kid in the community was in Tricia's group and was very cute. He only had one set of clothes though and is currently unsponsored, but was very cute and polite. You could tell he was probably undernourished because he was eleven, but looked like an 8 year old.


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