Monday, May 24, 2004
Sorry for the blog hiatus. Last week I was a bit under the weather and spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom issuing royal decrees from my porcelain throne. This is our second week in the FH office in Pucallpa. I will let Tricia blog about her own experiences and limit this to my own.

It is still pretty tough to understand, especially in conversations with multiple speakers. I can follow a single speaker pretty well if I concentrate. The staff is very nice here and enjoy having a computer person around. I have already been able to help a few people and am currently working on patching all the computers with the latest security updates, setting up an inventory system, and looking into staff training.

Sunday morning church was interesting this week. A friend from FH recommended his church and told me the time it started. I was sure he said 8:30, but the service really started at 8. So we showed up 25 minutes late and the place was packed except for the VERY front row. So we were escorted up there. We were the only two gringos in the service. After the service the pastor introduced all the new visitors and of course being the only two white people in the very front row we did not escape notice. Turns out the pastor's last name is Meison and his wife's name is Patricia as well. Meison in Spanish sounds like Mason in English so a few jokes were made when we introduced ourselves.

We also had our first big rain. It started all at once and sounded like a hundred hammers hitting the roof. It was pretty incredible. I will be trying to blog more often. Also, we now have a phone number. If you would like it, email us at and we will send it to you. I am a little nervous about putting the number in the blog.


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