Thursday, May 06, 2004
Answers to questions posted in comments:

Current Ant Situation: They are fiendishly clever creatures. But in our 5 days in Pucallpa we have found that if you keep any possible source of food in the fridge, you do OK. So things are improving on the ant front.

What other wildlife is in our house or on the grounds?
It is the jungle, so everything is green or mud. Lots of different trees and plants as well as many different kinds of creepy crawlers, but none alarming as of yet. There are many frogs as well, a few of which we find in the house every day. The ones in the house are usually babies so they are cute and harmless.

Are the people friendly?
Yes, very much so. Everyone we have met has been very friendly and gracious.

Internet at home?
No, not yet. We will have DSL, but apparently there is a freeze on new accounts till August. Until then we will use dial-up once we decide on a house and get a phone. For now we use internet cafes.

The food is a bit different then Lima. There is not quite as much variety, but it is still tasty. I have not seen a few of the traditional Peruvian dishes that were in Lima, but other are available. Dinner at a restaurant will run you $5-$10 for both of us depending on how fancy of a place it is.

Is the rain warm?

How are the Peruvian kids?
Haven't been to the communities yet so I don't really know.

What is the difference between meet in market and refrigerated meet where we buy it?
I do not really know. I just like buying meat that is refrigerated rather then open air. But both are very fresh and probably fine.

How fast are the moto-taxis?
They usually have a top speed of around 25mph...usually a bit less. You flag them down just like a taxi by sticking your hand out.

Keep the questions coming!! Thanks to all that have posted them.


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