Friday, April 02, 2004
We went to the Peru vs. Columbia World cup qualifying match. Peru got beat 2-0 but it was very interesting. We were told that you needed to be at the game 3 hours early to get a seat. Interestingly enough there were no seats to be gotten. There are only concrete tiers that are used for seats. Apparently seats get thrashed. An empanada (like a small meat pie) was only 1 sole (30 cents). I had two because I could not believe I was getting something to eat at a sports event for less than a dollar.

The game was very interesting. Peru played really bad and everyone was pretty disgusted. We brought the 10 year old twins from the family we are living with and they had a great time because they both won soccer balls from a Coca-Cola promotion. Down here Coke is king and is about 50% more expensive then Pepsi.

But the most interesting thing was after the game I was interviewed by a Peruvian TV channel (watch for me after the tractor-pulls at 3am on ESPN8). I had NO idea what the guy was asking me and just answered what I figured he asked me which was pretty much correct. Apparently he asked me "How was the game?" to which I shook my head in a downcast manner and said "I don't know...I don't know what happened." Then he said, "Ladies and gentlemen we have a man here who is truly at a loss for words". That was it. Nobody has yet stopped me on the street and asked for my autograph so apparently I have not reached my goal of being a Latin icon just yet.


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