Friday, April 23, 2004
We have been going out to the communities that Food for the Hungry (FH) works in once a week for the past 3 weeks. It has been a very good experience for us both. I have to admit that I tend to be naturally skeptical so I signed up with FH naturally skeptical. Let me say that every thing I have looked at here at FH Peru with skepticism has turned out to be completely legitimate and needed. For example, before I got down here I expected the offices to be larger and fancier then were really needed. Let me tell you, this is not the case. The office is very appropriate and modest. Secondly, when I saw that FH used a couple Toyota Land Cruisers I thought, "Why in the world do they need LandRovers? They work in an urban environment" The first week we drove out to the communities I immediately understood. The roads to some of the communities are so steep and rugged there is no way vans would make it up them. So all of this is very encouraging to me. It is nice to work for an organization that you believe in and that you believe is doing its work to the best of its ability honestly. I think all of this flows from the quality of staff and leadership.


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