Tuesday, March 30, 2004
This past weekend we rented a taxi for a few hours to see a few parts of Lima that we hadn't seen yet. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. But as has become our custom, something very strange happened to us. Our driver was a really nice and funny guy and we asked him to take us up to a lookout point where you can see almost all of Lima. There is a big cross that is lit up at night and we thought it would be a good place to take pictures. There was only one problem...a bike race. It has always seemed to me there is a natural animosity between the car and the avid biker. I now have another data point to support this thesis. Our driver didn't seem to think that a silly bike race should stop us from using a perfectly good road so he just drove right on through. The race was pretty good size with well over 100 bikers and we were right in the middle of the course near the finish line. Everyone there started screaming at us, but our driver just laughed hysterically at them and on we went. I got a quick picture through the window of one of the bikers as we drove by him as proof of this little adventure. On the way back we had to drive through the same road and the cabby looked over at us and asked, "Are you ready to get insulted again?" and then busted up into laughter again. Good times.

Story #2 (Starring Tricia):

This story I don't have a picture for and you will soon know why. Also, it has been cleared by Tricia so don't worry about my physical safety. Tricia has been working in the FH office a couple days a week and has to grab lunch out on the way there. Today she elected to eat at Pizza Hut. When she was sitting down at the table eating her pizza she noticed that two of the girls at the counter were whispering and staring at her. Now getting stared at down here is not an isolated occurrence for us. We stick out a bit. Tricia started to get annoyed because it does get a bit tiresome after awhile. Thankfully, I am so clueless generally that I just don't notice stares. Or, more likely, it is possible that Tricia attracts more attention as she is a little easier on the eyes then I am. Well today Tricia was getting a bit annoyed and walked up to the counter and got something else and noticed that they were still staring at her. When she got back to her table her indignation vaporized in an instant when she looked down and realized that a very strategic button was unbuttoned on her shirt and she was showing some additional clothing that is typically not shown. Immediately it became crystal clear why the girls were staring at her. I sure wish I could have been there.


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