Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Last night I weighed myself again and I would like to blame the results on a scale malfunction, but I doubt that is the issue. It said I was 103.3KG which is 2 kg over what it said the last time I weighed myself. Not good. So I have signed up at a gym close to the house for the last month in Lima and will try to find one in Pucallpa. I was under the impression that the weight would magically fall off once I got in the southern hemisphere.

Other than that not a whole lot is happening. Still trying to drum up computers for the Refuge of Hope where I will be teaching. I have some leads with family at home and at the embassy down here, but if anybody knows of any older model computers (Pentium II or newer) I would be grateful. I do not relish the thought of teaching on 486s.


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