Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Random Things:

1.) Superman Dude
I wore my superman shirt to class one day last week and there is an older man on the street we walk and he said "Hey, Superman!!" I see him every day now and he says "Superman!" to me. I´m not sure what he does, because I see him every day morning and night and he´s just sitting there with a coke.

2.) Carnival
So here in Lima February is the hottest month of the year. Turns out they have a "carnival" here for the whole month which basically means you throw water balloons at complete strangers any time of the day or night. Actually, women are the prime targets of the water balloons because they are seen as less likely to retaliate. We were walking home from language study today and a water balloon exploded about 5 feet from us from the third floor window of a nearby apartment. This is very funny to me, but all the women here hate it. They say they just stay inside for the whole month. We don´t have that option so I´m counting on getting wet this month. It´s not too bad since it is hot out. However I´m contemplating carrying retaliatory balloons.

3.) Flexible Transportation Costs
In Lima you get around everywhere in these crazy vans or buses called "combies". I haven´t figured out the pricing though. It seems completely random to me. I´ve gotten charged completely different prices every time I get on. I guess that means I´m a sucker. It´s weird though because I´ll get on and I´ll give the guy one sole (about 30 cents) and one day he´ll take it and the next driver will ask for 10 cents more. And to top it off the prices are listed on the windows and they are more then I ever get charged. Oh well.


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