Saturday, February 21, 2004
OK, the pictures aren't up yet. I need to do it...I know. I'll try tomorrow. We went to the beach south of Lima today which was a lot of fun. I felt like the giant white whale in Moby Dick on the beach, but that is OK. On the way down I saw my first dirt golf course. All dirt. No grass. All dirt. The greens were black artificial turf and the fairways were all dirt. You don't get much roll on that course.

Taking the bus to the beach was a bit high stress. There are a bunch of guys that try to get you to ride certain buses. Next time we're going to pretend we don't speak Spanish or something.

Here is a good article from the best magazine in the world, the Economist, on recent political movements of indigenous Andean people in South America. Read it within the next week as it will likely be for subscribers only after that.

Gotta get to work on my spanish homework now. Feel free to post comments or questions via the comment link below each post. I'll try to get back to each one.


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