Sunday, February 01, 2004

Well we are here and have been for a couple weeks, but I'm finally settled in enough to start up on the blog. It is probably going to be kind of random so don't expect a complete narrative of our time here. If you are wondering why were here, check out our website which has a ton of info on it. It also has pictures.

I'll begin the blog here with a typical story. One of the funniest thing that has happened so far has to do with me trying to learn Spanish. I'm a complete idiot down here because I can't really say much but I'm constantly trying to say things to learn Spanish. Anyway, I have a notebook that I'm filling up with Spanish words to study and one day I'm out in the park with the twins playing soccer and for some reason I com to think that the word bombedar means "the score". Come to find out it is a completely made up word that is a family joke that is used for pretty much anything...kind of like smurfy. It can be a greeting, it can be a way of saying goodbye, it can be anything. BUT IT ISN'T A REAL WORD. So here I am in the park asking one of the twins how to spell bombedar and writing it down in my notebook all serious-like because I think it means "the score" and everyone there is laughing at me because they all know it is a complete fabrication. Ahhh, the joys of learning a second language.

Other things of note:

Public transportation is great. It is just all these little private companies that drive around in beat up vans and buses on routes that cris-cross the city. There's a driver and then another person who collects money and screams out the route of the van as it is driving down the road. You can pick up the van anywhere you want to along the route. There aren't really stops. It is a lot of fun and a little scary, but not too bad. There is less traffic then I was expecting. Only the wealthy have cars and everyone else rides the bus. Another interesting thing about transportation is the taxis. Anybody can slap a little sticker on their car and be a taxi. They are everywhere and are not metered. You just barter for the price when you get in.

Shopping carts are a marked improvement over models in the US. All 4 wheels turn. This means you can be going forward and then on a dime move to the right or left. It is great for getting around in tight places. In the us the back 2 wheels don't turn and you kind of have to angle the cart to move to the right or left. Somebody at Safeway please read this blog!

Well I'm going to sign off for now. I've been sick most of the day unfortunately but I'm feeling better. I should be watching the super bowl game at Garrett's house. This is the first day I've been a bit homesick. hasta luego


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