Wednesday, November 19, 2003
My new niece. Hot out of the oven.

Hello, my name is Mark. The wife and I will be leaving for Pucallpa, Peru (zoom out on the map for a better understanding of where Pucallpa is) in January of 2004. We will be spending 2 years there with a relief and development agency called Food for the Hungry. I will be teaching computer skills in a school for physically handicapped students, and my wife will be a Program Manager/Grant Writer for Food for the Hungry in Pucallpa.

This blog will be my musings while I'm there about life in Pucallpa. I'm trying not to have too many expectations about what life will be like so I don't plan on talking too much now about what we'll be doing and about Pucallpa.

UPDATE: I removed the last two paragraphs of this post as I won't have other postings aside from reflections on our life in Peru.

Hope you enjoy this blog.


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